Poster Design: Andrea Long Chu

Organizing Committee

Elizabeth Benninger, Daniel Benson, Erag Ramizi, Sonia Werner


Alyson Lounsbury

Alyson Lounsbury is the Department Administrator for the Department of Comparative Literature at New York University. Alyson thinks through big picture operational oversight for the department, advising the Department Chair, Director of Graduate Study, Director of Undergraduate Study, the Poetics & Theory Director, and both the undergraduate and graduate Comp Lit populations on everything from departmental events, fiscal policies, to university-wide procedures. In addition, Alyson sits on the steering committee for New York University’s Pride@work Initiative as the Social and Cultural Co-Chair. This volunteer position works to organize and produce events that will foster community, through various artistic and cultural experiences that can be found in the LGBTQ community here at NYU or NYC at large.

Laryssa Witty

Laryssa Witty is the Graduate Administrative Aide for the Department of Comparative Literature at New York University. Laryssa works closely with the Department Chair and Director of Graduate Studies, navigates the bureaucratic void, oversees the entire admissions process from an administrative angle, organizes departmental conferences, and advises Graduate students on university policies and procedures. She received a Master of Arts in French from the University of Massachusetts. She has translated for InWhatLanguage, BDP Industries, and IPG Photonics. In addition, she is a member of l’Union Alsacienne de New York.

Poster Design

Andrea Long Chu

Andrea Long Chu is a PhD student in comparative literature at New York University, where she works on trans/feminist/queer theories, black studies, affect theory, and phenomenology. Her dissertation project, “Bad Politics,” investigates styles of feeling, liking, or being embodied which, while formally irreducible to structures of oppression, nonetheless do not amount to anything like political resistance. She also wants to design the poster for your next event.


Devin Thomas

Hailing from Santa Barbara, California, but currently based in Brooklyn, Devin Thomas is a documentary filmmaker and PhD candidate in Comparative Literature. When not out on a shoot or locked in the library, Devin spends her time engaged in political activism or out on the crag rock climbing.